Caring for the community of Kasguma

About Us.

Where it all started

Kasguma is a Valley located in the southern boundary areas of Azad Kashmir based near the well known city of Mirpur. It consists of many villages interlinked to one another and people of the region have always had to travel out for medical attention.

A need for such a facility was paramount in the Kagumma valley as everyone was reliant on trips to Mirpur Hospitals. This was particularly difficult for the poorer people in the region as it was costly to pay for transport to reach the city. This was a vision seen by a number of people from the region and discussed many occasions.

Giving to those in need, hope and the entitlement to FREE medical care within their locality.

This vision was further exercised by Javed Iqbal Raja of Batala village to begin to make progress for the Hospital project. The project was in need of financial injections and professional expertise for the construction works. At this stage the trustees collectively began the development of the first bricks and mortar of the hospital building. The hospital is strategically placed in the central point of all villages within the valley of Kasgumma. The current Hospital structure is 3 stories high consisting of multiple wards and a 50 bed facility in house and ample parking spaces. With its prominent presence it is a fast becoming a hallmark to the landscape of the Kasguma Valley.

Our Managerial Team

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Muhammad Mustafa

Chief Executive
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Rabniwaz Khan

General Secretary
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Zahid Rehman

Joint Secretary
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Nazar Hussain Nasir

Senior Vice Chairman
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Muhammad Muneer

Vice Chairman

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Medical Equipment

We are very interested if you work in the medical sector and may have access to machinery or equipment that can be salvaged and used at the hospital. please let us know

What we're doing now...

Our primary project is the Kasgumma General Hospital. The Facility now houses outpatients, X-rays, OT, Lab blood tests, Pharmacy Clinic, Dental, Ultrasound, 50 Bed facilities and Ambulance services for emergencies. This has been a great milestone to have achieved within 5 years which is a relatively short time. External practitioners and clinicians who have visited the site have been overwhelmed by the standards of the facility and have commented how much great progress is underway. We are proud to be providing FREE services to the poorer people within the region who have massively benefitted from the efforts implemented so far.

With the medical facility established we have actively been running FREE medical camps for Eye Health and Dental Health. Our partnerships with multiple medical organisations have allowed us to run 7 Eye camps and 2 Dental camps/ Cleft Lip to benefit over 1k to date.

Other projects include School Refurbishments and enhancements within the region. We have successfully built 1 new school, provided water facilities and lavatory facilities for 7 schools in the region. Furthermore we have re-constructed road networks leading to school areas in 3 schools.
The schools internal spaces have also been modernised with furniture sent from the UK.

Looking forward to the future ahead

In Future we aspire to establish a fully functioning maternity department, Diabetes Ward with specialist clinicians, kidney dialysis service, Heart and Stroke unit at the hospital site. We aim to specialise in all medical services and become a flagship establishment within Azad Kashmir. With our aims and efforts we also hope to set up remote satellite units in remote areas to provide help for those that are difficult to reach and run camps as part of the Trust. The schools internal spaces have also been modernised with furniture sent from the UK.

There are also aspirations to enhance local education on health and wellbeing practices and disease control. We are actively working hard to further develop local infrastructure through the Trust, providing assistance and improvements to local schooling, water and sanitation, emergency/disaster relief and enhancements in power and technology.